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Consider these important team elements.

Team CoachingTeam Coaching

Team Coaching involves a coach working closely with a team to influence their outlooks, approaches, behaviours and activities.  This directly influences team performance as it sharpens focus, assists dynamics and creates stronger influence.

Things have significantly moved on from the ‘lock them in a room and don’t let them out until they are a team’ school of thinking.  Typically we engage in a blend of 1:1 and group coaching and some or all of the following activities…

We attend meetings and team activities to observe dynamics and structure - this allows us to gain insight into the team culture and working practices.  At this stage we begin to see patterns and events that both help and hinder performance.

1:1 Insight
We meet with the individuals in the team to test some of the assumptions and observations made previously – and to gain individual feedback about people’s experiences and intentions.  This collated perspective gives the coach relevance and insight.

Team Management Profile
Individuals complete a Team Management Profile (TMP).  This is a powerful psychometric tool that gives insight into the team’s preferences for ‘types of work’ and ‘ways of working’.   Without exception teams find this an interesting and impactful activity.

Real-Time Coaching
Again this involves attending meetings and activities – this time however we provide ‘real-time’ coaching by provoking thought, providing tips and techniques and feeding back about the things that help and hinder team performance.  Such coaching takes place during specific ‘time out’ periods as well as a summary at the end of the day.

Team ‘off-sites’ and events
We facilitate powerful ‘away days’ and ‘off-sites’ helping the team to extract the full benefits from their learning and providing an opportunity to further cement relationships and reinforce good working practices.

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